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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gearing up for Art Show

I have my first art show of the season this weekend and am going through everything, making things, getting organized, etc. In other words, I am in my "mad woman stage". Hell hath no fury when it comes to the week of me preparing for my art shows! LOL! I wanted to take a quick second to write in my blog and feature a few of my favorite things, as well as my newest creations that I am taking to the show. Nothing like a little self-promotion, right?!?!

Of course, my fused glass Audrey piece (I'm still hanging on to that one, but she has over 1,550 views in my etsy shop and 41 people who hearted her). Guess she's waiting on that perfect person to buy her!!!

My city scene - one of my first larger pieces that I made (and this is actually the "small" version of the city scene - I had a much larger one that sold in my etsy shop). This was made before I even purchased my ring saw, so every piece of glass was cut with a plain old hand-held glass cutter. I love the way this looks!

My new line of fun ceramic pendant necklaces. I love the simplicity of these and I plan on making more with different designs.

And lastly, my ring collection! These are all made with fused glass and ceramics. I love big, chunky rings and I think this picture supports that statement! Of course, I had to make a few OSU ceramic rings for the die-hard Buckeye fans here in Columbus, OH - puhleeese do not get me started on that topic! (if you live here, you know what I mean!) LOL!


Amy Lilley Designs said...

I hope you sell a TON...including that right person for Audrey....ohhhhhh, I so understand the mad-woman, getting ready for a show...it's kind of boggling the prep involved...

love love love....

Raven said...

I hope you sell lots too! Best of luck in your preparations...I feel yer pain cuz we're getting ready for our show on April 18th & 19th too...so much stress since I'm doing about 10-12 new paintings {hopefully they'll all be done!}

Anyway, I LOVE your blog, so I've awarded you the Kreative Blogger Award. :)
See my blog for details:


May said...

Hi! I found your blog looking for background blogs ( I don't know how). I'm from Brazil so sorry for my bad English. Well I need to say how amazing is your work!! I love art and you do things so incredible!! Congratulations I love everything!!