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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Altered Art

As I was surfing through blogosphere the other day, I came across Janet Campbell's blog, Folk Art by Campbell Jane, and she had the coolest altered art on her blog using just an old paperback book page and a black marker. I was intrigued as I read about her "game". The rules are quite simple:

1. You must use an old paperback page.
2. No ripping or tearing or making holes in the page.
3. You can not have more than 7 words in one line across the page.
4. You must have more than 1 word on the entire page.
5. You must use only a black marker.
6. The art and drawings must make a little sense.

Now, drawing is not one of my forte's, but I tried it out and here's my first attempt (you may need to click on the page to see the words):

Janet posts Altered pages submitted to her on her blog every Tuesday. You definitely need to check hers out and the many she has already posted on her new blog designated purely for the love of altered art, called Altered Pages - Altered Art. You have got to try this out - its quite fun!

She also adds:
**This is addicting and will become your new obsession**

I can see I will be stocking up on black sharpies very soon!!!


Campbell Jane said...

Awesome Altered page Deb! I am going to post it on the Altered Pages site! Thank you for playing and the mention on your blog! I appreciate that. I'd like to get everyone addicted! LOL
I hope I fixed the comment problem on the blog, thanks for the heads up.
Many blessings

Tj Lev said...

Hi Deb! Yes these altered pages are fun... I have found myself spending too much time searching a page looking for just the right word that I can come up with an image for! Your first attempt is great! And by the way, I love your glass work. Just beautiful! I have several arty friends who do glass, but have not seen anything quite as detailed as yours, it is just wonderful! Bravo!!! Be well, Tj.