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Monday, October 27, 2008

I have a secret!!!!

Halloween to me is the best, above all the rest, holiday EVER! Seriously, I get more excited about halloween than Christmas. There's something just too fun about getting dressed up and watching the kids go door to door trick-or-treating. For 6 years now, since me, my hubby and son (newborn at the time) moved into our house, we have a trick-or-treat halloween party at our place for our family with all my nieces and nephews. The majority of my family lives out in countryville and its easier for them to come to our place in the 'burbs where all the action is and they can actually go trick-or-treating without having to walk a mile from one house to the next! Well, its just a few days away until the big party and plans are under way! I think my hubby is about to kill me if I buy one more thing for Halloween (we actually have more halloween decorations than Christmas decorations). Well, today I couldn't pass up these hanging light skulls that have a sensor on them so that when you walk by they light up and play the "Halloween" theme music - scary! I have them going up the stairs on our banister in our house. Here's the funny thing......hubby is getting back from a business trip tonight (late) and I have the sensor turned on! It will be pitch dark when he comes in to go up to bed and then when he gets to the stairs......SURPRISE!!!!! I'll have to let you know if I'm still married in the morning! LOL!

So......here's what he'll see when he gets home tonight (make sure your sound is on!):

I'm a BAD, BAD wife!


PurrPrints said...

You're so twisted Deb *grin*--that would scare the crap outta me if I was trying to softly walk up the stairs and not disturb anyone! Lol...hope your hubby is more resilient than I am ;)

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

ok, I am not so into Halloween, but that's pretty awesome :-)

Amy Lilley Designs said...

you may want to have the video camera going because the BEST 'Funniest Home Videos' are the ones where people get a surprise scare then scream and carry on...lol...HAVE FUN!

:-) MaryLou said...

Twisted is right! You'd better be prepared for the payback.

Deb DiSalvo said...

Oh my friends......my evil plan backfired a bit. The sensor failed to go off when hubby got home! Of course, when I had to get up in the middle of the night because my son was not feeling well, I had to go downstairs to get him some medicine and well, that's right - it went off for me! I guess that IS my payback!

Cheers and Happy Halloween!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

ha ha ha...the best laid plans....hope Carson is feeling better...:(

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are twisted. :-)

I've awarded you the Butterfly Award, so come visit my site, to see details. If you do not want to participate that is fine, I choose your blog just to try to get some traffic there.

Take care,

Hot Rocks said...

That is so totally AWESOME!!! Love the Psycho music..very effective.Have fun at your party :)

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic, Deb! Halloween is my favorite day also...hey, it's my people's new year! Happy Halloween!!!