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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween - Strike a Pose

Well, Halloween was a success this year - lots of parties, lots of fun! Had to post about my son's Halloween costume (I mean, costumeS!!) OK, here's how it all went down: It started out when we went to the Halloween store about a month ago (I know better than to take him there (he LOVES to dress up), but it is Halloween afterall!). Now, mind you, we had a long talk before entering the store, that he was going to pick out ONE costume. He said he knew, he was getting the Star Wars clone trooper outfit. We were in the store less than 5 minutes and he's trying on a Spiderman outfit - now mind you, he was spiderman last year (the BLACK spiderman), "but mommy, I don't have the RED spiderman outfit!" OK, I said, a good purchase since he has outgrown the black spiderman costume, yet still insists on wearing it even though its ripped in several places from squeezing into it! I'm not sure what happened to Star Wars. So, here he is at the Halloween party at our Rec center (this was a week before Halloween):

Next, was trick-or-treat night. He was all geared up to go with the Spiderman outfit, when he started playing with his Indiana Jones whip. Five minutes before we all were about to leave, he decides he wants to be Indiana Jones. Like I said, he likes to dress up, so he already had the hat, whip and satchel (BTW- got that awesome Indiana Jones bag off etsy, of course!) - I just ran up and found some pants and a shirt. Its all good! Next, day.....his party at school. Again, Indiana Jones:

Now on to yesterday and a birthday Halloween party he was invited to. He woke up and was immediately dressed Indiana Jones-style. OK....this one's my fault! I went to Wal-Mart before the party to pick up a couple things and saw a huge crowd all around the halloween things. Of course, I had to check it out. Well, don't you know all their halloween costumes were on clearance, being the day after Halloween, so I just jumped right in there with all the other crazies seeing what I could find. A ninja costume - just his size! Got home, showed it to him, changed out of Indiana Jones, and went as a ninja to the birthday party!!!! He slept in this costume last night and had it on all day again today. That's my boy!


Amy Lilley Designs said...

OMG Miss Deb...I may have to pull out some pics of Edward's old costumes..Superman in kindergarten, a ninja in 1st or 2nd grade...Indiana Jones was not quite on his radar yet...these pics are priceless...love them...glad you all had such fun!!

mary moon designs said...

Hi Deb
I love all of the costumes.
I'm very very jealous.
By the way the black spidermans name is Venom.
My youngest dressed as a Gnome.
Everyone thought she was one of the dwarfs.
"think lawn ornament"

See ya
Mr. Moon

Anonymous said...

I love how Spiderman and the Ninja are wearing the same shoes. Too cute!!