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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I LOVE stampin'!

I recently had a few awesome rubber stamps handmade for me by Robin of facesarefunny on etsy. I was originally looking for some robot valentine gift tags to give to my son's kindergarten class with these little polymer clay robot keychains that I made for all of them (I'll be posting those tomorrow!). I ran across these robot love note cards in Robin's shop. I had asked her if she could use these stamps to make little gift tags for the class and she told me she would actually make a pair of rubber stamps with these images so I could do as I please with them and then always have them to make more creative things! I was so thrilled! I then was browsing her shop and found these raven gift tags and fell in love with the image. I had always wanted to make a ceramic raven necklace and asked if she would mind making me a rubber stamp with her raven on it. So, I scored 3 rubber stamps from this wonderful gal and here are my creations:

Valentine gift tags:

Ceramic Raven Pendants:

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