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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chunky Fused Glass Dichroic Pendants

I just made some new "chunky" pendants with my dichroic glass and love the abstract look to them. This technique is called "tack fusing", where 2 or more pieces of glass are heated in the kiln until the pieces just start to melt together (at around 1350 - 1400 degrees Fahrenheit). A full fuse is when 2 or more pieces of glass are heated until the pieces melt completely together to form one solid piece of glass (at around 1450-1500 degrees Fahrenheit). I actually do this technique in alot of my bigger pieces, but I wanted to experiment with using lots of my little scrap pieces of dichroic glass to come up with a mosaic-like piece and then putting more little pieces of clear glass on top to connect it all together. This was a great way to use up some of my scrap pieces of glass. For more info on these, please check them out in my etsy shop with the provided links below. Thanks!

Chunky Heart Pendant

Chunky Rectangle Pendant

Chunky Christmas Tree Pendant


Anonymous said...

These are really cool.

Unknown said...

What beautiful work.

LizzyT said...

The rectangular pendant is so beautiful, the colours are amazing.