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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Grrrrr, Baby, Grrrrr!!!!

I stepped out of my comfort zone this past week and started hand sewing these cute little monster pouches. It all started when I saw some monster purses on etsy and fell in love with them. Now I tell people that I don't sew, but let me clarify that - I don't machine sew. Now, my mom, she is a sewer and has been since I was born. She made clothes for us kids, my sister's and my wedding dress, doll clothes for the granddaughters, costumes and really, if she has a pattern, she will create it! There's something about the sewing machine that scares me and I'm not sure what it is. I have watched my mom sew since I was little and for some reason, this was one area that I was not interested in. I think it might have to do with the patterns and following directions. Me, I like to create on a whim and am NOT one that likes to read directions, follow directions or "color within the lines". There's something so precise about getting the spool of thread on the sewing machine, having to feed it through all different gadgets just to get the thread to the needle. And don't get me started on patterns! Anyway, give me your old run of the mill needle and thread, and I can whip up some interesting things, some of which are not too pretty! But, like I said, I like to get out of my comfort zone of doing the same thing and try something different. I'm making these little monsters to carry cell phones, ipods, mp3, what have you and I'm pretty proud of them - they are too darn cute! I am doing a show at Reynoldsburg High School (my Alma mater) in a couple of weeks, and I like to gear the things I make to the crowd of my shows. I think these will go over well with those hip, trendy teenagers!

Of course, my son fell in love with my monsters and I had to make him little "stuffed" monsters with 1 eyeball and 4 teeth (per his request) and then I made him a little pouch to carry his monsters in. Silly, aren't they? But, he LOVES them!!!! As for making truly spectacular items or garments....I'll call mom!


PurrPrints said...

adorable--i wanna!

Periwinkle Studio said...

I hear ya sister! LOL I am not buddies with the sewing machine either and grew up watching my mom sew, sew, sew! She made us everything AND actually LOVES needlepoint! I don't have the patience for it and directions.....what are those?
I like to do things a lot like you...are we related by chance? :)

I LOVE the monsters and I am positive they will be a huge hit! Have fun at your show. :)

Kim Caro said...

what funny lil pouches :)

Unknown said...

Deb I love these! What great ideas your son has. One-eyed monsters always look best with exactly 4 teeth. No more. No less.

I used to be the same way - I'd sew on a whim, too, and could not be bothered figuring out the machine - much preferred a needle and thread. I finally grew out of it a few years ago when I wanted to make some baby clothes that required me to read and follow a pattern. It didn't take long before I knew how to wind the bobbin with my eyes closed lol.