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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pet Rocks Galore

So, my son is gearing up with me for my upcoming art shows. We did this a couple years ago and he really had fun with it (and made a bit 'o money too, I might add!). For the last few months, he has been painting rocks and then I glue the "googly" eyes on them to make "pet rocks". He usually paints about 6-8 at a time before it gets old, so he has been working hard on these for a while now! He also makes up names that I print on little strips of paper, so that when someone buys a rock, they can pick a name for it too. The names are seriously the best - here are some (remember, HE came up with these!):

Obi One Baloney
Storm Pooper
R2 Poo Poo
Melon Head
Captain Underpants
Fancy Pants
Puppy Face
Little Miss Sunshine (I told him to have some girl names too!!)

btw- he has a name for almost every Star Wars character like the ones above. The last shows I took these to, they sold out and my son was starting to make more money than me!


Anonymous said...

I kept forgetting to comment. I love them...your son is very creative as well as you are. I want to purchase some of them!!!

Deb DiSalvo said...

awww....you are sweet. If you really want some, shoot me a convo over on etsy and we can talk!

RockArtiste said...

You son has the gift with rocks - another aspiring rock artist after my own heart! LOVE the names. Does he choose and place the eyes himself? Fabulous art!

Judith HeartSong said...

I love the green one with one eye!!!!

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What a great idea! They look adorable as well!

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Elliott Broidy said...

Cute idea. how creative your son is!