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Monday, June 15, 2009

Granville Art Show

The Granville Art Affair was quite a success. It was their first year doing a fine arts show on the Great Lawn of the Bryn Du Mansion. First year shows are always up in the air - you never know quite what the outcome will be - it could be really good or bomb. Well, with the great turn-out and feedback by the public they received during the show, they plan on making it a 2-day show next year and are planning on adding wine tasting. Yum!

The grounds of this historic mansion are breath-taking. A little history:

The Bryn Du Mansion and grounds comprise a fifty-two acre estate in Granville, Ohio. The property is managed by a commission established by the Village of Granville with a mission of historic preservation and to provide program and event facilities for the benefit of the community.

Along with the art show, a polo match took place. I had never seen one in person and it was actually quite cool! The picture of the polo players below was not taken by me - this was a previous year's picture of a match there. Unfortunately, since I was by myself at this show (no booth-mate) I couldn't leave my booth and take lots of pictures. Hopefully from the couple I did take, you can get the idea of how beautiful it is there. For more info and pictures of the mansion, click here for their website.

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