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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dogs and their owners!

I had a great time at the rescue run on Saturday. It was quite crowded and of course, TONS of dogs. Whenever I'm at a show I love to "people watch", and for this show I got to "dog watch".

Now remember, this is coming from someone who does not own a dog!

Here's one of the first things I noticed - a dog stroller - really? I saw so many of these! Aren't dogs supposed to walk?

Next, all the dogs that were dressed up. From tu-tu's to cute little jackets and here - a crazed Ohio State fan with his hairless(?) dogs. One was a cheerleader and one was a football player! Check out the football player's mohawk! Now, it was over 80 degrees that day - why would you put a jacket on your dog? Poor things! And why would you make your dog get a mohawk??

Now....on to the contests. Here is the winner of the largest dog contest:

I wonder how long it takes to brush his hair? That is a beautiful dog, though.

And the smallest dog contest (now we're talking!) Awwwww....look how cute! The winner was the daschund puppy on the left (Cooper) with the runner-up on the right (her name was Paris and she came with her owner in a purse, for god's sake!) Just look at Paris trying to suck face with Cooper - I guess the name's appropriate!!! All I know is I wanted to take that little daschund home for myself. Well...maybe I'd just like to take him for a few hours to play!!

All in all, it was a beautiful day (a bit hot, but I'm not complaining). The park where the event was held was located in the arena district of dowtown Columbus - a truly gorgeous spot with its lush green grass and beautiful buildings. Oh, and LOTS and LOTS of dogs with their crazy owners!

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Amy Lilley Designs said...

wonderful, wonderful pics...and so worth are our 4 legged friends for their loyalty and being family members...coming from a dog owner 'wanna-be'...@ the JDRF walk for a Cure, people put their team t-shirts on their dogs as well...very, very sweet...glad it went so well..:))))