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Monday, September 8, 2008

My Glass Ornaments

I was soooo excited to pick these up today - my finished result from my glass blowing class I took on Saturday. Click on the pictues to see the great detail of the colors of glass.


:-) MaryLou said...

Those are beautiful! Glass blowing is such a fascinating form of art, with seemingly endless possibilities.

BTW, I got a kick out of your comment about lattes... I have at least two every day (and they're in a BIG cup). They're soooooooo good.

PurrPrints said...

These are gorgeous--I'm continually impressed with your glass skills--speaking of, the glass kitties came in today and they're adorable! I need to get my light tent set-up going so I can post some good pictures of them for etsy

The Muse said...

Excellent display, congrats on your fine craftsmanship!!! I think they are lovely Deb!
Well worth the wait!

Carol said...

VERY cool! I'll take two dozen.

Deb DiSalvo said...

Thank you everyone! Very funny, Carol. I wish I could go back and make 2 dozen!

Anonymous said...

Your ornaments are so beautiful, Deb!

LizzyT said...

Congratulations on making such beautiful objects!

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful! congratulations! I don't think I'd have enough puff to do glassblowing.