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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sugar Skull Cufflinks for Wedding Day!

I received this custom order from a great gal, Lela, who actually made me something a while back from her fabulous shop, glittersniffer, on etsy. She had requested custom cufflinks for her fiance and after finally coming up with a design, these fused glass sugar skulls turned out awesome. I liked them so much, I actually made a few more with different designs for myself and one into a pendant for Lela to wear. Why skull cufflinks for a wedding? She says, "Mark is a tattoo artist and I'm a big crafter so together it should be a colorful day! After 6 years of crazy fun we're finally tyin' the knot and I'm so glad you are making a big part of it great for me!" Best wishes to Lela & Mark on their big day! I'm sure it will be fabulous!


Amy Lilley Designs said...

you are so funny..you should send these to Gabby..she would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them...the detail is amazing!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Sent Gabby the link!!!

blessings, blessings...

Deb DiSalvo said...

Thanks Amy!!!!

mary moon designs said...

I love your skulls.I wish I still had the "Day Of The Dead" guitar mirror I made.It had similar skulls on it along with colorful flowers.It was fun.