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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fried Eggs, Anyone????

I received a custom order from a great gal on etsy. She wanted me to make her fused glass fried eggs. Her original order was for 6 small fried eggs to be made into cuff links. After chatting with her a bit, she decided to get more. I had to ask, "why fried eggs?" Her response, "...because I love fried eggs. I am going to make some jewelry for friends with the eggs. I have a fused glass egg and everyone is nuts for it! The small fried eggs, I am going to fester something up for fathers day." I actually had a couple left over and made a pair of earrings that I took to my art show over the weekend. They were one of the first things that sold! Thanks Gracie! Check out her etsy shop, Persimmon by Gracie Miller.

The earrings I made from the left over "eggs".


Anonymous said...

They are cute!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

How can I say anything else, but agree w/ Sandra...they ARE so cute!!!

Gracie said...

I love this picture you took! its so perfect! I made my stuff and will probably list it tonight. I will send you a link! I know I will be ordering more soon. These eggs make me happy! :)

LizzyT said...

I love the eggs and they make great earrings, really cute!

[WM] said...

OMG found your blog from blog catalog, i must say your creations are so cute.

Elise B. said...

Cutest eggs! I love those. :)
Looks like you survived without the computer... During the summer, I get so tired of being on my computer, so I don't play on it quite so much, but then when school starts, I'm always on it instead of doing homework like I'm supposed to. I don't get it. :)
Yeah, I don't think I'll be doing another group post with my sisters for a while, it's too lonely. =)
Talk to you later!

Lucky Girl said...

I really don't like to wear my eggs, but those earrings are darling!

Beat Black said...

i love these!! and theres so many

AudreyO said...


I'm Audrey. I found you through MommyFest. Though it's over, I'm loving still reading blogs and meeting others.

Wow, who would've thought fried eggs could look good hanging from ears LOL. Nice work.

Meg said...

i love these - so cute!